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Protect your personal details from theft and fraud

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you own the domain I am trying to contact?

We do not own the domain you are trying to contact unless it is:

no other domains are owned by us.

What is shown on the privacy service?

Once enabled, the privacy service will show the following contact information:

WHOIS IDCPrivacy Service c/o IDC (BVI) Limited
Domain Admin (contact {@} idcprivacy {dot} com)
Suite 5, 7th Floor
5 Greenwich View Place
E14 9NN

Visit to message any of the domain contacts. For alternative instructions, please email contact {@} idcprivacy {dot} com.

I wish to send a registered letter (by Fedex/UPS) to the domain owner. How do I do this?

The address provided via WHOIS is a genuine business address. You will need to send £30.00 via MoneyGram to IDCPrivacy, and wait until you have received confirmation of payment. Then you may send this confirmation, together with your letter (up to a maximum of 20 "A4 / Letter" pages) to us via Fedex/UPS. We will scan this document and forward it to the "registrant of record" by email. Finally, we will contact you via email to confirm that delivery was made to the relevant email address.

Please note that only pre-confirmed, pre-paid letters will be accepted – all other mail will be rejected. You must complete this form, so we can provide you the full reference number of display on the "couriers docket". Failure to do this will result in your letter being rejected, with no refund.

At no point is "Integrated Data Communications Ltd" liable for successful delivery, the "charge" is for time in receiving, scanning and emailing the document in PDF format to the registrant.

Please note we will only accept mail from Fedex and UPS. Mail from any other carrier will be rejected.

I have a DMCA complaint. How do I contact the owner of the domain?

DMCA complaints (to the domain owner) can be made by either visiting our website and filling the form out, or sending an email to contact {@} idcprivacy {dot} com, where we will give you full instructions on how to proceed. We do not host the domains website (we only host IDCPrivacy sites) and therefore DMCA notices to us are unfounded as we have no control over the websites content. If you have a UDRP complaint, this is directed at the registrar, again not us.

Why is the domain using a privacy protection service?

The owner wishes to protect his personal information from being public, which is allowed via certain registries. You can contact the registrant, technical, billing or administrative contact of a domain by emailing contact {@} idcprivacy {dot} com or visiting the home page of this site.

The domain name using this service is performing illegal activity not covered by DMCA or UDRP. What should I do?

Please fill in the abuse form. We take fraudulant or illegal activies very seriously and will direct you further as to what documentation we will need to take action.

Why has the privacy protection service been removed from my domain?

Generally it would mean your site has done something against our TOS/AUP, it is performing illegal activities, Law Enforcement/Court Order has demanded its removal, or, for another reason notified to your registration partner. Contact them for assistance. If your domain was comprimised (hacked) and the privacy service was removed, once your site has been cleaned and this is confirmed it can be re-enabled. Lastly as part of our TOS, your contact information has to be current, if at any time we receive a bounce back from your email because your mail service states that the email address is not recognised – the privacy protection service will be removed and the domain suspended after 14 days pursuant to the new ICANN 2013 RAA.

What is your Terms of Service / Acceptable Usage Policy?

Our TOS / AUP is very simple, do not perform any illegal activities, do not copy other companies IP nor spam, this is the very general rule - the full (pages) of TOS/AUP in its exhaustive form is here

I wish to transfer my domain to another provider leaving privacy protection enabled. Can I do this?

Simple answer, you can't. Our partners who use our service are under instruction that we will not allow any domain to be transferred with our contact details on the domain, this is to protect us as well as the domain owner from domain theft. There is only one exception to this, and that is if the registrar you are transferring to uses our protection service as well. In this instance, email addresses for admin approval will be permitted. Please note that there is no refund for ANY unused Privacy Protection service that has been purcahsed - if you want to transfer your domain to a new registrar, this is your choice.

If your domain has privacy protection enabled and you wish to transfer your domain, please contact the partner you have your domain through. If that fails, please contact the registrar of the domain name.


About Us

If you see our name and contact details when you make a WHOIS query then the domain name is probably using our service and we are NOT the actual owner of the domain.

Using the Contact Domain Owner form is the only way to get in touch with the domain name owner. We do not accept any postal mail on behalf of the domain name owner and all mails sent to our address will be rejected. Any telephone calls received at the Telephone Number, would be greeted with an electronic answering machine requesting the caller to visit this website.

Privacy Protection should not be used for spam, abuse or any illegal/unlawful activities. If you come across domains names that are using Privacy Protection to aide in such activities, you can use the Report Abuse to lodge your complaint and appropriate action will be taken to either make the domain name owner information public or provide you with the necessary details.

IDCPrivacy is a brand of "Integrated Data Communications Limited" which is a British Virgin Islands registered company, its United Kingdom mailing address is as per WHOIS: Suite 5, 7th Floor (IDC), 5 Greenwich View Place, London, E14 9NN.